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    公司始终秉承技术创新理念,凭借敏锐的市场洞察力和富于创新的精神,投入大量人力物力经过几年研发和数百台车次的反复试验,于2018年成功研发出具有自主知识产权的专利产品--智能履带卸货车智能履带自卸车型的厢体长度可设为8-13米,箱体高度为1.8-2.4米,箱体外宽度为2.55米,内宽为2.45米,也可按照客户的特殊要求进行定制开发。该专利车可与各种品牌车系列牵引车及同吨位级的牵引车或类似车型组成汽车列车配套使用,适用于生活垃圾、砂石、煤炭、粮食、盐等散装货物的运输。该车集普通后翻自卸车卸货快、侧翻自卸车装货多等优点于一体,既避免了后翻自卸车容易翻车、侧翻自卸车货物埋轮胎、爆胎和边挡板易变形等缺点,又兼备安全系数高、工艺先进、自重轻、自动化程度高、操作简单、质量可靠、经济耐用等特点,填补了国内外自卸车平稳卸货的空白,智能输送、自动卸载模式是永不翻车、人车安全的根本保证;司机通过视频监控系统??匾貉共僮飨低?,实现在驾驶室内不下车即可完成卸货全过程,从而大大减轻了司机的劳动强度;整车卸货时间仅需5-10分钟,特别是车厢内设置的液压自动翻转装置,可实现当货物卸载不干净时让两侧液压翻起抖动以协助卸货,既保证粘度较高的物料轻松卸下,还能实现卸载物料的零残留,大大提高卸货效率的同时,实现其他车型所不能达到的车体轻、多拉货的目标。目前国内马路上跑的拉煤炭、沙石、粮食等散装货物的13米挂车基本上90 上全是非法改装、套牌车,在目前国内运输行业大力治理超限的环境下具有你懂得的现实意义。

    about Intelligent Crawler-type Dump Truck
    Our company always adheres to our business idea of technological innovation. By virtue of our keen market insight and innovative spirit, we invested a great deal of manpower and material resources in product development and research, which involved experiments on hundreds of vehicles over the past years. In 2018, we successfully developed our patented product: Intelligent Crawler-type Dump Truck. The length of its container is settable and ranges from 8 to 13 meters; the height ranges from 1.8 to 2.4 meters; the outer width is 2.55 meters; and the inner width is 2.45 meters. Of course, it can also be customized in accordance with the customer’s special requirements. This patented dump truck is compatible with tractors of various brands, tractors of the same tonnage or similar vehicles to constitute a tractor-trailer combination, which is applicable to transportation of bulk goods like household waste, sand and stones, coal, grain and salt. This patented dump truck integrates advantages of both common rear dump trucks (e.g. fast unloading) and side dump trucks (e.g. higher loading capacity), but gets rid of their disadvantages (for example, it is easy for rear dump trucks to turn over; tires of side dump trucks are likely to be buried in falling goods; it is easy for side dump trucks to have a flat tire; and it is easy for their side baffle to deform). Moreover, our dump truck features a high safety factor, advanced processing techniques, lightweight, high automation, simple operations, high reliability, high cost-efficiency and durability. It achieves truly steady unloading, which is not achieved by other dump trucks at home and abroad. Its intelligent transfer and automatic unloading mode ensures that it will never turn over. Thus, both it and its driver will be sound and safe. The driver can remotely control its hydraulic operation system through its video monitoring system. Thus, the driver can finish unloading without getting off the truck. This significantly reduces the driver’s labor intensity. It only takes 5-10 minutes to unload the whole container of goods. In particular, the hydraulic automatic flipping device mounted in the container can lift hydraulic rams on the two sides to vibrate to unload goods if it’s difficult to unload the remains of goods. This ensures that even materials of high viscosity can be unloaded with ease, and that remains of goods will never be left in the container. In addition to its high unloading efficiency, it achieves the goal of “lighter body but more goods”, which other similar vehicles fail to achieve. At present, more than 90% of 13-meter trailers, which carry bulk goods like coal, sand and stones and grain on the road in China, are illegally refitted or have fake number plates. Thus, our patented dump truck is of great practical significance as China’s authorities in the transportation industry strive to govern oversize or overweight goods transportation.

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